Force of Will Wednesdays

Welcome to Force of Will Wednesdays at Future Pastimes!

Starting on July 13th, we’ll be hosting regular weekly events.
The first run of events will be Alice Cluster constructed..
July 13th — Alice Cluster Constructed
July 20th — Alice Cluster Constructed
July 27th — Alice Cluster Constructed

We’re not planning on a required entry fee, in order to keep this event accessible for everyone, however there may be an optional $5 buy-in, which will then be split among high finishing players who payed this optional entry.

There will also be foil support from our collection of promotional cards, that can be awarded to any participants regardless of the optional prize entry.

If enough players would prefer to alternate between drafting and Alice Cluster constructed, or introduce another constructed format, we’ll arrange for that to happen as well.

Additionally, we’ll also be taking league sign-ups for a Force of Will weekly league, with a planned start date in August (either the 3rd or the 10th). More info on this to come!

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