In-Store Events

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Magic Tuesdays

Entry for these events is $5 per player, with all entries paid out in prize packs to high finishing players.

However, we’re not going to limit the nights to Modern and Standard. These nights will be open to other formats as well, with space permitting.
– Have a group of EDH/Commander players? We’ll do a casual event for you.
– Want to whip out your Tiny Leaders for some long awaited action? We’ll create an event for that.
– Got enough interest for a Reject Rare, or Chaos draft, or want to do a throwback to Theros block? We’ll set you up.

Additionally, This night would also serve as another easy meet-up night for players in the Pauper league to get their weekly matches done!

Force of Will Wednesday

We’re not planning on a required entry fee, in order to keep this event accessible for everyone, however there may be an optional $5 buy-in, which will then be split among high finishing players who payed this optional entry.

There will also be foil support from our collection of promotional cards, that can be awarded to any participants regardless of the optional prize entry.

If enough players would prefer to alternate between drafting and Alice Cluster constructed, or introduce another constructed format, we’ll arrange for that to happen as well.

Additionally, we’ll also be taking league sign-ups for a Force of Will weekly league. More info on this to come!

Friday Night Magic Events

See our Facebook events page for upcoming tournament and draft events!

Information regarding Standard deck construction:

Information regarding Modern deck construction:

Information regarding Legacy deck construction: